Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever completed background checks, including criminal records?
Yes, multiple times.  Although, we do not have police access, we have identified and provided critical criminal background information for concerned customers.  

How much information can you find from social media/online?
We have obtained everything from GPS location data to images and documentation of financial spending.  A significant amount of information can be obtained from the Internet that is freely available, depending on how much the person of interest utilizes social media.  

What can you find on a computer?
A considerable amount of information can remain on a computer, even after users attempt to delete files. Even though data is not available to a user, forensic reviews often produce information often assumed deleted or sanitized.  

Why is your service different than what my tech people can provide?
Many information technology staff can find and identify data.  The primary difference between digital forensic investigators and IT staff is training and experience.  For investigations, evidence collection, handling and documentation procedures are essential.  Most IT staff are unfamiliar or partially aware of the legal implications involved in a digital investigation.  Even if the staff is knowledgeable, their credentials and training may impact the case outcomes in a court of law.  Even if you do not use Iron Dog LLC, it is highly recommended to hire a licensed and certified digital investigator to ensure best probability of acceptance of the investigation during potential legal proceedings.  

Do you accept cases involving belligerent and difficult people?
If you have a situation where the person you would like investigated is belligerent or difficult, we do accept those cases.  Please keep in mind, pricing may vary depending upon the probability of physical violence and/or harm. 

Can you help investigate a spouse?
There are many different ways to investigate a spouse or spousal equivalent.  We can help advise you on strategies, tactics and actions to validate information or recover truth, digitally.  We also specialize in obtaining information and performing examinations in a private and sensitive manner.  

Can you help determine the actions of a problem employee?
We do assist in investigations that involve your employees.  We can help determine the best course of action based on your needs and requirements, implementing those in a legal and sensitive manner. 

Do you repair computers?
We do not do general computer repair.  If you are interested in general computer repair, please contact a local repair center. 

Do you recover lost data?
We do recover lost data, depending upon the circumstances involved.  For more information, please see our pricing page for general data recovery pricing.