Digital Forensics Investigations

Digital forensics involves the examination and investigation of digital devices/assets, utilizing scientific method(s) to answer questions or resolve issues.  Simply put - Recovering Truth, Digitally 

Experience & Qualifications

Iron Dog LLC specializes in providing digital forensic investigations and services.  Iron Dog LLC is a licensed and insured Professional Investigation Company based in the greater Grand Rapids area, providing services for the entire state of Michigan.  Our staff hold multiple degrees and certifications in information technology and forensic investigations, including ten years of information technology development and operations.  This experience includes physical security, incident response and digital forensics for an organization with a $6.5 million infrastructure and nearly 7,000 users.  Our primary investigator has completed research into visual mapping of smart phone and tablet images associated with GPS locations.  He has also served as a professor, teaching digital forensics/analysis, network attack/defense and geographic information systems.  

These qualifications and knowledge levels exceed the majority of law enforcement detectives, performing digital forensics in criminal investigations.  Additionally, Iron Dog LLC was formed as a firm to conduct digital forensics.  These requirements are more stringent than general professional investigation firms that add forensics investigators without meeting full state expectations.  

With backgrounds in corporate and government environments, their experience has been enhanced with a cross functional knowledge capable of helping individuals and organizations that range from small businesses to large corporations.  

These backgrounds provide a unique perspective, forming a fusion of information technology and forensic principles, to provide key incites into helping solve your issues.  

Key Qualifications:

  • Licensed Professional Investigation Agency (Licensed by the State of Michigan)
  • Adjunct Instructor - University Level - Digital Forensics & Analysis, Geographic Information Systems
  • Information Technology Director - ($6.5 million infrastructure with 22 sites)
    • Incident Response
    • Lead Forensic Examiner
    • Forensic Server - Primary Support
    • Physical Security Technology Design & Implemention

Degrees In:

  • Information Security & Intelligence - Digital Forensics Concentration
  • Networking
  • Information Systems Management

Industry Certifications:

  • CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • EnCe - EnCase Certified Forensic Examiner
  • Network+ - Networking certification
  • A+ - General hardware and software certification