Device Examination - Court Cases

From a simple smart phone review to investigations involving servers and multiple workstations, Iron Dog LLC can assist with digital devices involved in lawsuits or litigation. 

Easy-to-Understand Reports

Many agencies provide pre-canned reports or reports with limited to no explanation for technical data discovered.  Iron Dog LLC provides reports with both technical and non-technical explanations for our clients to ensure significant value for the outcome of their cases.

Forensic Report Review

If you have received a report from an agency with techno-jargon or a list of artifacts without any real "English" explanation, Iron Dog LLC can assist you.  Just as we provide no nonsense reports for normal people, we can translate reports from other agencies or examiners.  

Private & Confidential Reports

Our computing devices are a digital diary, providing a glimpse into our very nature.  Many details of a private nature can come to light through the course of an investigation.  Iron Dog LLC specializes in providing privacy and discretion in investigations to minimize the impact to individuals not under investigation, reducing collateral damage.

Subpoena & FOIA Requests

FOIA and subpoena requests are extremely important information requests.  These requests have long reaching consequences.  It is essential that legal requests are handled in a concise and appropriate manner.  Misinterpretations or misunderstandings concerning the request can have massive impacts on long term ramifications. Our investigator(s) can assist your organization in responding, or handle your response for you. 


Onsite Evidence Gathering

Iron Dog LLC specializes in off hours and discrete evidence collection. The discovery of an investigation in progress can have immediate and long-term impacts. Iron Dog LLC provides off hours and weekend collections to reduce the probability of the investigation being discovered. Additionally, we also accept volatile cases that require heightened security that could involve physical harm.

Data Recovery

Lost data can be extremely costly.  Information can be lost for a variety of reasons.  Iron Dog LLC has successfully recovered data for business and individuals with a high success rate.  

Employee Investigations

Employees can have the biggest impact on the future of your organization.  Verifying employee activities can provide key information concerning any behavior in question.  These can involve misuse of digital equipment (fraud, pornography, time wasting, etc.)  It can be critically important that investigations are handled with a sensitive and private approach.  

IT Staff Abuse

Small businesses can be entirely reliant upon a single or small number of IT professionals.  When questions arise concerning their conduct or misuse of company assets, business owners are caught in a difficult situation.  If there is a question about your IT person(staff)'s conduct, we can help develop and implement a review plan to determine if misconduct has taken place. 

Executive & Leadership Investigations

Digital Forensic Investigations provide a detailed window into the lives of individuals using a computer/device.  Even if you have an onsite team capable of performing digital forensics investigations, the privacy of leadership can be of extreme importance.  Simple or routine reviews of devices can provide intimate details about a person's life.  Sometimes, these are just details that other employees do not need to know.  Our investigators specialize in discrete investigations to help maintain the privacy of executives and key leadership.


Password Breaks

Iron Dog LLC has built specialized computers to provide enhanced password breaking capabilities.  We can assist you with recovering a password.  Passwords can be broken if the encrypted or locked files involve passwords that are:

  •     Forgotten
  •     Destroyed
  •     Encrypted Employee Data
  •     Forensic Investigation Assistance

Marital Investigations

Spouses have a big impact on our daily lives.  If you need help verifying activities from a digital device perspective, Iron Dog LLC can assist with your concerns in a private and confidential manner.  

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can take many forms.  Spouses, siblings and parents can have a massive impact on those around them, as substance abuse consumes them.  Communications and interactions in a digital format can provide key incites into the true nature of the problem.  Iron Dog LLC can help review any digital devices to supply you key data.

Custody & Child Support Hearings

Ex-spouses can have a negative impact on our lives, as we try to return to a sense of normalcy and progress.  If you are in a position where an ex-spouse is manipulating your children for custody or child support, Iron Dog LLC may be able to help.  Any communications in a digital format can help provide you with facts to address the situation.  These can even be simple posts to social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  

Teen Trouble

Children are an important piece of our lives.  We invest a large amount of effort and resources into their lives.  Sometimes, children take the wrong path.  Children can often be elusive and utilize technology to hide things from parents.  If you need to have questions answered, or facts identified, Iron Dog LLC can help provide you digital facts.  

Online Threats

In today's digital world, there are a large number of interactions with people in an online format.  Online lives help enrich and add value to our physical lives.  Unfortunately, some individuals utilize the digital world as a mechanism for harassment and threats.  If you need help identifying and addressing escalating threats, Iron Dog LLC can help with your concerns in a private and confidential manner.