Exif Metadata Picture Mapper
XifMp is a program designed to sort picture files for analysis in Google Earth.  Google Earth offers a great platform to illustrate and analyze case information in a visual format.  Visual analysis of mapped pictures is much easier and quicker to review than to read coordinates.  When multiple images from the same investigation are mapped in relation to temporal and spatial information, your analysis time is reduced and discovery can be increased.  Additional case information or events can be noted on the map, as well.  

XifMp is under development, but a command line version is available as freeware for law enforcement agencies.  

XifMp provides the following functionality:
  • Map pictures to Google Earth from a target group of pictures (from 2 - thousands of pictures)
  • Review pictures in Google Earth based on lines indicating temporal/spatial sequencing
  • Review pictures in Google Earth based on Brand-Make-Software
  • Map pictures within a boundary different from those outside the boundary
  • Specify a GPS point and radius for boundary
  • Separate out and skip mapping duplicate pictures
  • Set hash method for determining duplicates
  • Create a KMZ/ZIP file for archiving/distribution
  • Sort pictures into Brand-Make-Software folders without mapping

The following video is a brief presentation on the research project that created the Exif2kml software that has been updated and renamed to XifMp.  

XifMp Research